Acacia Betancourt


When I think about my happiest days at work—the ones when I'm really in the zone and get so absorbed that I forget to eat—I think about solving problems. I love digging deep. I love starting a project not knowing what the final product will look like but knowing the answer will come. I love doing research, collecting inspiration, revisiting what's been done in the past, collaborating with a team and feeding off each other's ideas. I love teaching design and forcing my enthusiasm for it on the people around me. I love gnawing on a concept until I hate it so thoroughly that I know it's complete. I love the creative process, as uncomfortable and wild as it can be.

I consider myself to be a multidisciplinary designer. The majority of my career has focused primarily on branding (my first and truest love), and user experience. Over the past decade, I've been fortunate to gain experience in a wide range of design areas, and am most engaged when I'm working on a variety of projects. I work hard. I love what I do. I care deeply about using my creative skills to make the world better, but more importantly, to make individual people's lives a little brighter.

Because I'm driven to make things in my free time as well, when I'm not working I can usually be found making handmade bags.